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The advent of Internet search engines marked a revolution of the way we find products, services and information. On an average day more than 60 million people are using search engines to find answers and solutions. They’re asking questions like:

  • How can I find an accountant in my area?
  • Where can I buy furniture at wholesale prices?
  • How do rotary motors work?

The beauty of search engine traffic is that it is highly targeted. Users referred from search engines are looking for precisely what you’re offering. All you need is to be visible when they’re searching.

So how do you get visible?

The major search engines frequently “crawl” the web using special programs, or “robots,” that quickly gather a variety of information on a web page before following links pointing to another web page, and so on. The information they gather is stored in an index.

When a user searches with a word or phrase the search engine returns results from the index sorted by complex algorithms, or mathematical equations, that are engineered to return the most relevant and authoritative web pages for the given keyword. Among the criteria involved are:

  • The code structure of the page
  • The number of links pointing to the page
  • The relevance of the page content
  • The “trust” or authority of the domain

Are you visible yet?

Take the next step; get your website visible to people searching for your products and services. Contact Ignite Media today and we’ll be happy to sit down, review your site, and come up with a comprehensive internet marketing plan.


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