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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why would I hire a consultant?

Many companies that we've worked with have utilized a consultant to help them with their current project (ie: website, optimization, marketing campaign, etc.). So why would you need a consultant if you have hired a firm to do the project? Doesn't having multiple groups of people on one project make for more confusion? Not if you hire the right consultant.

So why hire a consultant?
Well, a good consultant will make your life as a business owner a little easier. They will do the due diligence that you may not have time to do. They will have the knowledge that you may not have on a particular subject. They will be like an extension of your company that can help make your vision a reality.

Are all consultants the same?
No, all consultants are definitely not the same. Typically a consultant will specialize in a particular field/area. For example you might find one consultant is experienced in the IT side of things, while another consultant specializes in business software to streamline processes. They know how things work in that field, and can help create a plan of action and/or find vendors to implement those plans.

Make sure all parties know who makes the final decision.
Over the years we have worked with several companies that have hired consultants at the same time. The situations that worked well were the ones where both companies were told what the situation was and who has final say. Both parties also respect the other party and take into consideration their thoughts and ideas.

The times that consulting didn't work, was when the consultant or the firm were in there to run their own agenda. They feel that the other party is the competition and that they are in constant threat of being kicked off the project. The project ultimately ends in failure (even if it was fully completed).

Remember: Bringing in the experts can help make the end product that much better.

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Anonymous MikeTek said...

It's helpful to think about projects in terms of putting the best team together. If that means bringing in a consultant to work alongside your agency, go for it.

But your point about a clear hierarchy is important. There needs to be one person making the final decision who doesn't have to justify herself to the group. Design/management by committee is the surest way to failure - but collaboration and division of labor works.

Good post.

March 25, 2009 1:36 PM  
Blogger Ignite Media LLC said...

Good point, structuring your project in terms of a team of experts is probably the best way to think about it. It's easy to get caught up in the "democratic way" and try to give everyone a voice, but that typically leads to missed deadlines, an unfocused final product, and a lot of headaches.

March 25, 2009 1:51 PM  

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